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Kicking off 2008 with a charitable bang!

In the last few months, Children and the Earth has done several small but helpful projects around the community. In early March we were approached by a group of students that attend the University of Utah’s mechanical engineering program. They were in desperate need of contributions for their Boulder Kinetics Program to help fund there project which involves creating a mobile contraption that will function on land and water. These students needed to finish this project successfully to graduate with their masters degree and we are proud to say they we assisted them in completed their goal Children and the Earth believes very strongly in education and creating opportunities for everyone.

During March we also made a contribution to a young mother of 4 children. Her husband is currently in the hospital and unable to work and provide for her and her children. Her friends and family put together a fund raiser in her honor on March 29th and once again we were able to contribute $500 to help them in this difficult time. This family was so unbelievably thankful. The mother told us that this was the biggest contribution that they had recieved and that it brought tears to her eyes knowing that she would have groceries and diapers for a month, because of our donations.
This is what its all about. We are so happy to help

During the month of April we held a BlackJack Tournament in Ogden Utah for The Youth Phesant Hunt. We had 49 players and raised $ 6500 which will assist in funding their next youth hunt. This is an ongoing project for us, we are very supportive in allowing children that enjoy hunting to participate in these activities. This is a program that is donated to these kids and gives them opportunities they would not normally recieve.

In April we also joined up with a young lady out of Provo, Utah. She was looking for donations to help her serve in Uganda to help the fight against poverty. She has joined with a charity called HELP- Help Elimante Poverty. Her goal is to spend the summer in Uganda assisting them with their humanitarian service project. She will be teaching skills to the poor, teaching family gardening, teaching english, working in orphanages, health clinics and much more. She asked CTEI to donate anything we could to help. She needs to raise $4500 to pay for her expenses while she is abroad. We donated $ 500 to this amazing project. Wil will update at the end of the summer.

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