Ride the Brainwave 2022

The Best 5k, Motorcycle Rally, UTV street legal ride of the year all rolled into one big exciting day!!!!
Scheduled for May 13-14, 2022 at The South Jordan Equestrian Park . Come meet some of our kids that are true Warriors.
It will be a day that we pay it forward. We have 50 local kids and families that we will walk and ride for to help pay their medical bills and therapy and in a couple cases funeral expenses. . You can pre-register soon. Hope to see you all there. Remember you can choose the cause you want to ride for that day.
This event gives our families a chance to help raise money for medical and other bills that are associated with their kiddos. If you need more info you can call Jodi 801-347-1992 Or Amber 801-860-0725 We are also looking for silent auction and drawing items..Greatly appreciate any contributions to help raise more money for our kiddos. Thank you!

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