Benefit Dinner for Dude (Richard Kunz)

Benefit dinner for Dude (Richard Kunz) to help him pay for bills and a prosthetic leg until he can get around again. Which could take up to 9 months. Dude has had a bad foot for awhile now and just recently we had to take him to the hospital because he was really sick and getting worse every hour. We found out he had a bad infection throughout his entire body that could take his life. His foot was red and swollen and getting bigger. They ran some tests and did an mri and found out that the infection and bacteria was stemming from the bones of his foot. They said they had to either remove the bones in his foot and he would never walk again or amputate below the knee, get a prosthetic leg and be able to have a normal life. He choose the amputation so he could live a better life. They said he needed to have it amputated within the hour to save his life. He has been getting better everyday. He was moved to a rehabilitation center to do physical therapy to help him get stronger and to learn how to get around until he can get a prosthetic leg. He has shocked the doctors and nurses with his determination and persistence to get better. Dude loves everyone and has gone out of his way to help everyone he has ever met. He is a great man and he could use the help now. Thank you to everyone for your love and prayers though this difficult time, our dad will not let this bring him down so let’s help him so he doesn’t have worry about bills while he is trying to get better. Thank you

Benefit Dinner Donated by “Olive Garden”  to be held on February 23rd at 6pm at NOAH”S 322 West 11000 South in South Jordan, Utah

Followed By Prize Drawing & Auction.
Adults- $25
Kids- $10
Family- $65 (up to 5 people)

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