Heart Attack February!

HEART ATTACK a Hero and their siblings!
Heart attacking is just a way we like let these special families know we care for them and they are being thought of!
If you decide to do one/some we just ask that you decorate their front door with paper hearts, posters, streamers, balloons or whatever. You can include trinkets, toys, coloring books, treats or whatever fun things you might find-although it is not required.
Please indicate somewhere in your decorations that you are part of the CATE Army!
It it supposed to be a surprise so be stealth! You can stick around and ask for pictures, but please be respectful of any privacy requests. Please email us if you’re interested, and We would LOVE to have you send us photos of your creations through our FB messenger or e-mail to childrenandtheearth@gmail.com. We will also ask the parents to send pics of their kiddos enjoying the love.
We will e-mail you genders, ages, and the address of your heroes. It will not be for a couple of weeks as we begin gathering an assigning families.
Thanks so much for being part of our army!
if their is any chance you will not be able to fulfill your HEART ATTACKS assigned in a timely manner(no later than February 14), please DO NOT sign up.
Families look forward to this more than anyone knows, and when someone signs up and then does not follow through, they really are disappointed. 🙁

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