We are having a motorcycle rally/poker run on September 29, 2012. Beginning and ending at Leatherheads Sports Bar(12300 S. State St.)in Draper, Utah. This inspiring event will benefit Tyler Nelson and his dream to walk again. At age 25 he has a story like no other…please read below and come show your support for Tyler and his family!

Tyler Nelson was born on May, 6th 1987. On May 14th, 2011 he had a life changing accident that has left him paralyzed and confined to a wheel chair. This is his story of struggle, hope, determination and recovery.

When he was young his mother married an amazing man who became a step-father to Tyler. Today, Tyler calls him Dad. As most fathers do, this man had a desire and the motivation to share his passions with his children. He introduced Tyler to motorcycles at a very young age, giving Tyler a freedom and sense of purpose that comes only when a boy finds his first true passion.

By the age of seven Tyler was ridding and racing regularly. He learned the love of victory and the sting of defeat that molds us all into compassionate, strong and focused human beings, a priceless gift given through the love of his father.

Tyler set his goal high and strived to reach it by never giving up. For two consecutive years, he chased points in the USRA circuit, taking the #1 Plate in desert motorcycle racing and placing in the top 10 in motocross and flat track circuit. Most recently he ranked number one in points in the Motorcycle Racing Association (MRA) of the Nevada Desert Series, following the RMX motocross. His determination paid off and his dream became a reality.

That dream was cut short on May 14th, 2011. While racing motocross in Rupert, Idaho tragedy struck. It was a race like any other, although dangerous in nature to most, it was routine for such a veteran rider such as Tyler. As his family and friends watched from the stands, Tyler attempted to jump a double hill, which he had done numerous times before. This time was different. This time he over shot his landing. As he came down from his launch out of control, he landed hard forcing his chest into the handlebars of his bike, flipped over the bike, and came to rest on the ground. Although it would not be confirmed until later, Tyler recalls knowing immediately that he was paralyzed. He was airlifted by life flight to the University of Utah Hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah, where it was determined that he broke three ribs, separated his shoulder and had indeed broken his back at the T6 and T7 vertebrae. His spinal cord had been completely kinked due the fractures.

Within a couple of hours of his arrival, Tyler was taken to surgery. The Surgeons worked rigorously to fuse his back with rods and screws from T4 to T10 in hopes of saving him but in the end the doctor

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