Skyler James Isaacson

Skyler is an enthusiastic 4 year old. He has been struggling with health issues (ear infections, croup, colds, you name it) and in August 2010 he was diagnosed with Leukemia type ALL. His first surgery included a central line placed in his heart for his treatments, bone marrow taken from his hip and chemo in his spine to make sure the Leukemia did not reach his brain. During this surgery Skyler started bleeding from his lungs. They got it under control, but it still causes issues.

He has been in and out of the Hospital with complications ever since then, but he keeps pressing on. He is receiving chemo and has had some ups and downs. Skyler has been fighting like a champ the whole time. To read more about his struggles, triumphs and keep up with his condition you can visit the Super Skyler Blog.

We recently hosted a motorcycle rally and raffle to help Skyler and his family out. We raised over $5000 for this incredible young boy.

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