Sweet Mariah!

Mariahs family and friends are uniting to help this happy loving three year old win her battle with (Pontine Glioma) Cancer . For short this is a brain tumor that cant be operated on. There are no known survivors of this cancer. Please pray for her and her family.

Mariahs mommy and daddy tried for years to have a baby but after her big brother couldn’t it broke their hearts , finally after 16 long years they where able to adopt Mariah and the world changed for them she is the light of their lives , she is everything to them mommas sidekick , brothers biggest fan and daddy’s little girl . Mariah is an angel she has a light that shines from within and is a very happy loving little three year old but this July news came that made life very hard , she was diagnosed with cancer at an age where children are supposed to be happy playful and care free Mariah is having to have radiation treatments daily her mommy had to leave work to take care of her, treatment, travel and diet changes , and keeping her joyful so she can keep fighting is expensive , lets help little Mariah have what she needs to spend quality time with her family , live and get the help she needs so her family can hold on to the center of there world their little ray of sunshine . We have created a bucket list for Mariah, to help her achieve all her dreams in the short time she has. You can find it @https://www.facebook.com/BucketlistChildrenandtheEarth Please donate today!! Thank You!

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