Tearni Frkovich

In September 2009 Tearni was the victim of a horrible accident that resulted in a deadly gun shot wound to the top of her skull. This wound landed her in critical condition and on life support. The prospect of recovery was grave. Doctors said she had a very slim chance of survival, let alone… ever living a life without machine support.

The doctors had actually suggested terminating life support due to the extreme injury to her brain. The bullet entered the top of her skull and damaged most of the left side of her brain, which controls our motor functions. During the time after the accident it was believed Tearni would not make it, and she would leave behind her two year old son Jonas.

A group of friends were talking about what, if anything we could do? All of Tearni’s friends came together along with Children and the Earth, we set a date for the run. We called the event “Tears 4 Tearni“, T4T for short. With only two weeks to plan and raise donations & funds we were crunched for resources! Heather Franc along with many others were able to get around 3k in prizes! The event drew over 70 riders and we raised over 6k in money for the cause. For only two weeks to get it together the turn out was amazing! Many great people came out to contribute to Tearni and support her family & Jonas. It did turn into a wild celebration that was a huge sucess!! Tearni is recovering well. She is talking and walking and making great progress every day.

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