Miss Cami is a 7 year old and is in the battle of a life time against cancer. She beat leukemia once and has just recently relapsed. Cami lost her best friend Millie to this disease just a few months ago. She will be living at the hospital for the next several months preparing for a bone marrow transplant. So lets get to how you can help and get your kids involved in helping. Cami’s birthday is Aug 30 so yes she will be in the hospital for her birthday. Lets make it a very fun one we are going to buy a map and put on her wall and see if we can get her letters, cards and or special items from around the world. This is where you come in we need everyone to contact there family and friends that live in fun places and ask them to take just a minute to make this little girl keep smiling. Things Cami likes SHE LOVES FROGS girly ones, also unicorns, arts and crafts most of the time she is in her bed getting treatments so anything she can do in bed. Her most enjoyable thing is music so if anyone wants to send her Itune gift cards that would be amazing. I would also like to say that her mom is living at the hospital with her and dad is working and trying to juggle Cami’s little 4 year old brother (Caydon) so if you can maybe include him in a few little notes. Thanks everyone now lets get busy!!! Please send everything to Children and the Earth C/O Cami 252 w Cottage ave Sandy,Utah 84070 PLEASE PLEASE SHARE!!! Her page is being updated and you can follow where we are getting mail from here on FB at Kisses for Cami

Also, please fell free to donate right here on our site, to help with upcoming medical bills.


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