Karma’s Bucket List

Meet sweet Karma, she’s 10 years old and was just diagnosed as terminal.Here is her story http://www.good4utah.com/news/local-news/11-year-old-battling-cancer-given-just-weeks-to-live/1127962595 Children and the Earth is helping to fulfill her bucket list..see below. If you would like to donate, please do so through the “make a donation” button and reference Karma. Thank you!!

Karmas bucket list-
Learn to drive a car
Go to prom
Get a henna tattoo
Shopping spree at city creek
Ride in a lambo
Virtual reality
Paint the town gold
Be a Mad scientist
Create her dream foundation, Be a “powl” (pal)
Meet Ellen
Outdoor / camolike sleep over with big movie screen (like movie in the park)
Big donoation for childhood cancer research, (primary childrens)
And she says mama, if only I could give you less worries, I would give you a “minivan” so we could all go somewhere together and i would want you to not worry about losing the house or how your going to repair the many things wrong with our home.
Karma knows I don’t want a minivan but she teases me all the time.

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