Past Recipients 2010

Skyler James Isaacson

Skyler is an enthusiastic 4 year old. He has been struggling with health issues (ear infections, croup, colds, you name it) and in August 2010 he was diagnosed with Leukemia type ALL. His first surgery included a central line placed …read more

Emmett James Guzman

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Emmett was born with only half of his heart. A congenital heart defect known as Hypo-Plastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS). Emmett was diagnosed while in utero, which was a big help in making …read more

Tearni Frkovich

In September 2009 Tearni was the victim of a horrible accident that resulted in a deadly gun shot wound to the top of her skull. This wound landed her in critical condition and on life support. The prospect of recovery …read more

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