We have a new addition to the Children and the Earth family. Meet Brielle…here is her story 🙂

August of 2014 Brielle was sent home from school with a note from her teacher saying she can’t read the board and that she needs glasses. Things slowly got worse, after a few appointments with eye doctors, she was scheduled for an MRI on July 6, 2015 which showed a tumor (craniopharyngioma) in the pituitary region of her brain. On July 9, 2015 she got surgery to get it removed. The tumor completely wiped out her pituitary gland, which means she has no hormones and will need to be supplemented with hormone replacement drugs for the rest of her life. She will need certain hormones to go through puberty, have babies, etc. Some of these hormone replacement drugs are crucial for her everyday life. Kind of like how a diabetic needs insulin to get them through their everyday life. Brielle will need to wear an “adrenal deficient” medical alert band for the rest of her life as well. The tumor also did enough damage to at least one of her optic nerves. Brielle came home from the hospital on July 15, 2015 after a seven day stay at Primary Children’s Medical Center with strict orders not to run, jump, climb, ride a bike, swim, etc. for 2 months. After 5 days of working on getting her hormones balanced and getting back into the swing of things, Brielle started leaking spinal fluid from her nose and had to go back to surgery on July 22, 2015 to get a lumbar drain put back in her back to relieve the pressure from her head. While at the hospital Brielle acquired spinal meningitis, and the drain had to be removed. Because her nose was still leaking spinal fluid now here we are, waiting for Brielle to get her third surgery where they will pack her sinuses with a skin/fat graft from her stomach.

We are excited to assist this cutie and her family with medical bills and whatever else they may need, but we need your help?!? we are taking donations via this site, please put #Bstrong in the memo of your PayPal donation. Also, we will be hosting a fundraiser for her in August(details to follow). Please take a moment and donate today! THANK YOU!! Many hands, make many smiles!

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