Warrior Princess Baylee…

At 12:35 pm on November 30th our MIGHTY WARRIOR PRINCESS gained her wings. She is soaring high above us…. Free of pain.. Free of worry.. Only love now. I know she will be visiting me in my dreams… Cuz she told me.-written by her beautiful mother Shellie. Children and the Earth has loved and supported this family for the last year and we will continue too. We are remodeling Baylee’s home, which will be unveiled on December 12th(story to follow), and we will continue to take donations for this project and for Baylee’s funeral services and medical bills. Please donate here and put #BAYLEE in the memo….Thank you and fly high sweet girl!!

This is a beautiful article written by PEOPLE magazine http://www.people.com/article/baylee-parks-chooses-die-home-cancer-treatment


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